ebook review: HTML5 Data and Services Cookbook

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I recently finished reading HTML5 Data and Services Cookbook from Packt Publishing Written by Gorgi Kosev and Mite Mitreski. This eBook has lots of great in-depth information about using some of the latest web technologies and techniques. Some of the items I found most interesting are:

– Using jQuery with DataTables to manipulate, filter and render data
– Creating charts and data visualizations using flotcharts.org, d3js.org and Rickshaw
– and MANY other very usefull HTML5 tips

The structure of the book is very easy to follow. It is broken up into the following sections per topic; ‘Intro’, ‘Getting ready’, ‘How to do it…’, ‘How it works…’, and ‘There’s more…’.
If you do web development, you need this book in your HTML5 arsenal.
HTML5 Data and Services Cookbook

Packt ebooks for $5

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#Packt is selling all it’s eBooks & videos at $5 bit.ly/1jdCr2W #Packt $5 #ebookbonanza. Feel free to share the word

latest android app

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Check out the latest app I built on the Play Store, OYM Wallpaper Manager.

OYM logo

This app is built using Flash Builder and third party ANE.
View some of my older apps on the Play Store.

Buy some art…

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more info here for the jewelry here:

info on the art here:

101 Dragons – Behind the scenes

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This clip shows the structure of the NodeBox file, used to create 101Dragons.

The Nature of Code

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A good book…

Get the PDF or Read online

Quoted from http://natureofcode.com/:

The Nature of Code by Daniel Shiffman

Buy The Nature of Code PDF

redbull creation 2013

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check out my redbull creation 2013 entry:

Song Credits:
Harlem Shake – Baauer
I Just Go (Obey City Remix) – Djemba Djemba







1.21Jigawatts  http://youtu.be/mrLceLdAK2w Minneapolis 
North Street Labs www.youtube.com/watch?v=qhj-2S0VwW4 Norfolk / Virginia Beach
I3 Detroit http://youtu.be/KfPEqk811yA Detroit
Skullduggery Systems  http://youtu.be/xtZVU2mt2p4 San Diego

MAX 2013

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Adobe MAX 2013

TEDxSugarLand recap

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Nodebox renderings – Jelly Bean

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“Jelly Bean” renderings done in Nodebox.
DOWNLOAD: jhey_jelly_bean.zip

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